We Help Put You on Your Path.

We've worked with many individuals, families, business owners, and other professionals in the financial services industry. We offer an array of hands-on investment management approaches and sophisticated tax strategies to help put you on the path to your financial goals.

Our Philosophy

When you work with us, you’ll see that we earn your trust and confidence by treating you as we would want to be treated. We’re committed to transparency and integrity. We’ll build a partnership with you that’s based on mutual respect and our dedication to helping you reach your goals.

The planning recommendations we share with you will be grounded in our years of experience and financial planning knowledge. We'll gain a thorough understanding of you and your specific situation. We put ourselves in your shoes when making our recommendations. This approach helps us develop solutions you might not know were available to you.

Our Process

We’ll use our disciplined process to take you through the critical steps needed to help you stay on your path to your aspirations.

  • Step 1: Your Complimentary Consultation

    Our first meeting is dedicated to getting to know you and your needs:

    • You’ll receive a list of documents and other helpful information you should bring to our first meeting.
    • During this meeting, we’ll gain a solid understanding of your goals.
    • Together, we’ll review and discuss your financial information.
    • We’ll discuss the costs associated with working with us and let you decide if we’re a good fit.
    • There is no charge for your consultation. After reviewing your financial situation, we will give you an estimate of the hours we will spend creating your personalized plan. We charge $150 per hour for our planning services.
    • Within 24 hours after this meeting, you’ll receive a detailed summary of our conversation. Then you sleep on it and you decide if you’d like to move forward, with no pressure from us.
  • Step 2: Your Pre-Planning Meeting

    Once you’ve decided you want to work together, we’ll schedule your pre-planning meeting. Prior to this session, we will have completed an in-depth analysis of your finances as we review your tax returns, investment statements, and other relevant documents.

    The goal of your pre-planning meeting is to get answers to all the questions raised during our thorough review of your documents. We’ll also use this opportunity to collect any outstanding information or assess any changes that may have come up since your initial consultation.

  • Step 3: Your Planning Session

    In this session, we’ll discuss our recommendations and you’ll leave with your personalized plan tailored to your specific situation and a one-page summary of your action steps. The information from our prior meetings, your valuable input, and the goals you shared with us all come together to help create your path to financial success.

  • Step 4: Your Follow-Up Meeting

    During your six-month follow-up meeting, we’ll review your progress, challenges, and goals, and outline any action steps you should take. If changes are required, we’ll incorporate them into your financial plan.

    We mutually determine the frequency of your ongoing meetings based on the complexity of your financial situation.

    Some of the clients we work with ask us to create a financial plan that they can implement on their own, and some want us to help implement a plan for them. It is entirely up to you in terms of how you want to work with us going forward.

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